Momoshiki is still taking control of Boruto's body in Boruto Chapter 54. As this will continuously be a big problem for Naruto and Sasuke, there will be a lot of twists and turns happening that will even surprise fans.

Too many theories and predictions are surrounding Boruto Chapter 54. Some wonder how Boruto's journey to becoming a Hokage will continue, while Kawaki may also play a major role in the series.

Naruto and Sasuke are still severely hurt from their previous battle with Isshiki, so they are not in great shape to face Momoshiki. From here, Kawaki may step in to help by using some Jutsu in trying to save everyone and "hold Borushiki off," BlockToro noted.

Somehow, Boruto may gain control of his body back from Momoshiki and open a portal that will bring everyone home. Amado may also create a device that will help hasten Naruto and Sasuke's healing after what they have been through.

Also, Boruto Chapter 54 claims Kashin Kohi may join the fight through a new portal. He may be the one to handle Borushiki's violence and open a different portal back to Konoha to save everyone, even though it may cost him his own body.

The new chapter preview revealed the "power of connection would eventually exceed the command/control." It would also unveil "what attacked Sasuke," Devdiscourse noted.

Sasuke may try to kill Momoshiki, but Naruto will never let it happen, knowing the enemy is inside his son's body. Anyhow, fans can't help but question Boruto, like what he is doing, and why he let Momoshiki control his body that easily.

This may result in a psychological battle between the two, as they fight to gain control of the body they are in Boruto Chapter 54. As Momoshiki can quickly get off Boruto, he, too, may defeat Naruto and Sasuke without breaking a sweat, knowing how weak they are this time.

However, before he can deliver a blow to kill these two, Boruto will surely fight back to save his father. There is no way that he will let Momoshiki hurt his dad, let alone kill him.

Boruto may hide in a portal in Boruto Chapter 54 to avoid hurting anyone else. From here, a time skip may be introduced, and the story may return from the first chapter, featuring "destroyed Hokage faces and a Boruto versus Kawaki fight."

Boruto Chapter 54 is set to be out on Wednesday, January 20, at about 11:59 p.m. Japan Standard Time, per Omnitos.

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