WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the early episodes of SEAL Team season 4. Read at your own risk.

SEAL Team season 4 episode 6 will continue to focus on Ray Perry's (Neil Brown Jr.) storyline. He's in a dangerous situation and a very bad shape. The Bravo team attempted to rescue him in the fifth episode, but they failed. Now, their missing brother was seemingly taken to the Mediterranean Ocean.

Based on the synopsis of SEAL Team season 4 episode 6, Ensign Davis (Toni Trucks) tries to locate Ray's whereabouts when he was taken to a shipping container. At the same time, the Bravo Team becomes more desperate to rescue him before everything is too late.

The exact location of Ray is unknown, though the shipping container was heading over into the Mediterranean Ocean. The team will likely search for their missing brother in the vast ocean and will try to figure out how to get him back on their side.

The Bravo Team gets back together, with Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz), Sonny Quinn (A.J. Buckley), and Clay Spencer (Max Thieriot) doing whatever is necessary to locate Ray. However, they lost communication with him which makes the rescue mission more difficult.

For Ray, he is also finding a way to escape and free himself in SEAL Team season 4 episode 6. His major problem, however, is surviving captivity. Based on some previous teases, he is not in a good condition and his abductors were torturing him.

His future remains uncertain at the moment. In the latest promo, the Bravo Team received some information about Ray. They obtain footage, which features their missing brother. Nothing is confirmed that he's going to die, but he recorded a video saying goodbye to everyone.

Although Ray knows that the Bravo Team will do everything they can to find him, he also recognized that he may not make it out of his current situation. And, even if he survives, this incident will cause a huge impact on him -- both physically and mentally.

Ray's current situation has been a huge part of the fourth installment. It remains to be seen whether or not this storyline will be wrapped up in SEAL Team season 4 episode 6. For now, the top priority of the entire Bravo Team members is making sure that they could save their missing brother.

SEAL Team season 4 episode 6 is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, Jan. 27, on CBS.