The last featured event of "Call of Duty Mobile" Season 13 is now live. Dubbed as "Extra, Extra," the new event rewards players with lots of goodies, including a new parachute skin and thermite with noir camo, to name a few. For players interested in getting the thermite with noir camo, these tips might come in handy.

How To Get the Rhermite With Noir Camoin "Call of Duty Mobile"

To access the new event, players should go to the featured tab of the event page. In order to avail of the thermalite with Noir Camo, players need to complete tasks to collect progress points that unlock rewards. There are lots of events tasks, and each one comes with corresponding points.

For instance, players earn 10 points if they play in a match in any mode or if they play three matches in any mode. Logging in for two consecutive days in "Call of Duty Mobile" rewards players with 10 points too. Aside from those, players could earn 10 points if they kill 30 enemies in any mode or if they kill 50 enemies in any game mode.

For players looking to earn more points in Extra, Extra event of "Call of Duty Mobile," they can login for four consecutive days to earn 40 points. They can also earn 20 points if they play ten matches in any mode, or if they become an MVP twice in any match. Players also earn 20 points if they get into the top 15 in battle royale twice or if they play three matches with friends in any mode.

Extra, Extra Event Rewards

At 60 points, "Call of Duty Mobile" players get a Weapon XP card. They can unlock the FHJ-18 with Wintergreen camo at 80 points or the Parachute with Snowframe camo at 100 points. Finally, the Thermalite with Noir Camo unlocks at 150 points.

The current season in "Call of Duty Mobile" is expected to conclude on Jan. 25. Following this, devs will refresh the game's seasonal count. In other words, the next season reverts to Season 1, just like in other games. The first season of the hit shooter title is anticipated to golive on Jan 26.

The developers have not yet revealed the content of the upcoming season. However, it recently teased about the possible launch in the game of two iconic "CoD" series weapons. Based on the clues, it seems that an assault rifle and an SKS rifle will be making their way in the game next season.