While fans are still waiting for the official release of the Airship map in "Among Us," they can play different mini-games and custom mods within the social deduction title. One of these is the custom game called Slender Man. For fans looking for ways on how to be able to play this mini-game, these tips could come in handy.

What is The Slender Man Mini-Game in "Among Us"

The Slender Man mini-game is the "Among Us" version of the iconic horror icon. This mini-game is like the popular mode Zombie. It is a fan-made custom game maintained and available only on Skeld.net. In this version. Instead of the impostor, the Slender Man is tasked to go against nine crewmates. In the event that he gets close to the crewmates, his vision is reduced. To win the game, the Slender Man needs to kill all the crewmates while the crewmates need to complete all theirs tasks to win.

How To Play The SlenderMan Mini-Game in "Among Us"

Fans who want to enjoy this mode should visit Skeld.net and download the Launcher for Windows. They also need to install the launcher, and as part of the requirements, players should already have "Among Us" installed on their device.

At the start of the game, the player assigned with the role of Slender Man needs to announce his role. Crewmates are given ten seconds head start before the Slender Man could move. Unlike other players, the Slender Man starts with a very low field of vision, which further shrinks when they are near crewmates.

Slender Man has special powers in this mode, including the ability to teleport to a crewmate to kill them. Dead crewmates are required to hard mute, so they do not give away the location of the Slender Man. Interestingly, unlike the classic "Among Us," crewmates who died have their tasks auto-finish.

Also, if the Slender Man kills all eight crewmates but one crewmate completes their tasks before getting killed or found by the Slender Man, the crewmates win the game. The Slender Man is allowed to use vents and security cameras, but it is not allowed to do sabotages. Compared to the crewmates, the Slender Man also seems to be a bit slower.

Unlike other "Among Us" mods, the Slender Man mini-game is also available to Android users since Skeld.net maintains an app for Android users. Players can download the Skeld.net Server Switcher app from the Google Play Store and launch "Among Us" to enjoy the Slender Man custom mod.