TikTok creators can now respond instantly to questions posted by their viewers using the platform's Q&A feature.

TikTok recently announced their launch of a new video Q&A feature that would allow creators to respond to questions asked by viewers using both video solutions and textual content. Officials of the video-sharing platform confirmed the news to TechCrunch, an online tech news outfit.

According to TikTok officials, the function works through each video and TikTok LIVE, the platform's live stream feature. The Q&A feature, however, is available only to a limited number of creators who have opted to participate in testing the function. This particular group of creators will now be able to respond instantly to questions posed by their viewers with video solutions or textual content.

Higher Engagement

Industry observers say that Q&As are among the best ways creators engage their fans on social media. Such features are very popular in platforms like Instagram Stories, as well as in many social apps like Snapchat-integrated YOLO. It is not surprising for TikTok to also introduce a Q&A feature into their platform so creators can respond instantly to questions posed by viewers, as even smaller startups are integrating the same feature into their platforms.

With TikTok, the introduction of Q&As into its system plays a big part in the commenting experience of the audience. TikTok creators can respond instantly to each question or comment of viewers by publishing a fresh video explaining their answer in detail as opposed to a short text comment. In some cases, the creator's answers are meant to add context or as clarification. Creators can also confront their trolls and bullies with video responses.

A Simplified Process

The Q&A feature, aside from providing creators the means to respond instantly to each comment or question of viewers, also allows them to engage with their fans when using the platform's live stream feature. The feature functions much like the regular "reply to comments with video" function. Since Q&A allows users to either designate their comments as questions or submit them directly as questions using the Q&A link, it simplifies the entire process for creators as it lets them check all questions of their fans in one place.

TikTok officials say there is no limit as to the number of questions that a creator receives. However, they do not have to reply to each question. Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, first spotted TikTok's Q&A feature and found that it allows creators to respond instantly to each comment or question of viewers. He posted online screenshots of the feature in action, including how it looks like on the profiles of TikTok users.