One of the six bonus episodes of The Walking Dead season 10 will feature a storyline all about Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). He became one of the essential characters in the post-apocalyptic horror, in which he turned from being a villain to being an ally.

Prior to the original finale of The Walking Dead season 10, AMC confirmed that they'll be dropping six additional episodes. These installments were filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, so there'll be several changes and adjustments in terms of the storytelling.

Unlike the preceding plots, the stories won't feature huge battles and bloody scenes. Instead, these episodes will follow certain characters -- including Negan. He's one of the biggest adversaries for the survivors before eventually joining their side.

He earned the group's trust and redeemed himself. He's also played a key part in the death of the Whisperers' leader, Alpha (Samantha Morton). However, other members still doubt his actions -- particularly Maggie (Lauren Cohan). She wasn't with the group for a long time and didn't witness Negan's evolution.

Maggie, who will also have her own storyline in the bonus episodes of The Walking Dead season 10, may clash with Negan. She's not going to trust this person, considering that he killed her husband Glenn (Steven Yeun). She'll have a hard time accepting that he's now part of the group.

As for Negan himself, he is battling the demon inside his head. AMC released a new trailer of the six bonus episodes and it featured the journey of each of them. At the end of the clip, Morgan's character can be seen being haunted by his past self.

The sinister version of himself talks to him and says: "Little pig, little pig, let me come in." He saw himself wearing a leather jacket along with a bat, which has been his signature weapon. The scene suggests that he's fighting his impulse when he was still the leader of the Saviors as it remains to be part of him.

In addition, Negan's wife, Lucille (plays by Morgan's real-life wife, Hilarie Burton), will show up in the bonus episodes of The Walking Dead season 10. Only a few things were known about her since she died before the zombie plague happened.

After her death, Negan was traumatized because his wife turned into a zombie. This experience was one of the contributing factors as to why he became a bad guy. He loves Lucille so much and even named his barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat after her.

The Walking Dead season 10 is set to arrive on Sunday, Feb. 28, on AMC.