Innersloth promised "Among Us' players that the new Airship map is releasing this year. While waiting for the new location in the social deduction game, players can try playing some of the best mods and mini-games made by other players. One of these is the Spy Mode mod, and for those wondering how to enjoy this, here are some tips and tricks.

What is The Spy Mode Mod in "Among Us"

The Spy Mode mod is introduced by content creator Ssundee. In this mode, one crewmate is assigned to be a spy. As a spy, the player has access to additional buttons, which enables them to see each player's vitals. It also allows them to access the security cameras on the map and has the power to go invisible at will.

This ability could make things more challenging for impostors. Now the ultimate objective of the impostor when playing in the Spy mode is to eliminate the spy first in order to minimize the risk of getting red-handed killing a crewmate in front of an invisible player.

How To Play the Spy Mode Mod In "Among Us"

As for its rules, the Spy Mode mod follows the same rules in 'Among Us." Interestingly, this mode moves the odds a little bit on the crewmates' side. The special ability of the spy offers crewmates an advantage and some kind of defense against the impostor.

When a player is tasked to be the spy, they should be silent about it to thwart the impostor's plans effectively. Also, since the spy has extra powers, they have a major target on their back if their identity is disclosed. While crewmates are not prohibited from exposing the identity of the spy, doing this could work against the team.

The spy can share what they have seen to convince other crewmates of the player to be ejected. When playing the Spy Mode mod, players should use the proximity Voice Chat mod so that they could provide for the spy another way to listen to conversations of other players while they are invisible. For players who want to see how this mode works, they can check out SSundee's video below.

Meanwhile, Innersloth recently mentioned that it plans to release the Account feature in "Among Us." The developer also explained the reasons why it took them so long before releasing a new update to the game. Players can also expect to see the devs' timeline to get a heads up of what they are working on in the game.

"Among Us" is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android devices.