There is a wide range of items and materials that players could collect in "Genshin Impact." This includes the valuable material called Crystal Chunk. Here are some important details about this material, including how to use them and where to farm them.

What Are Crystal Chunks in "Genshin Impact"

Crystal Chunks are extremely useful materials in the game that players can use when they are at higher levels. This material enables players to craft superior weapons that could help the party in combats. They are turquoise crystal essential in forging alchemy. Players can gather this material by mining. To collect Crystal Chunks, players need to destroy spawned ores that are found all through around Teyvat. Ores can be found if players use their Elemental Sight as they give an orange glow.

Crystal Chunks Locations

Crystal Chunks randomly spawn across the "Genshin Impact's" map. In other words, players can find them anywhere on the map. Fortunately, there are certain areas on the map where there is a high concentration of the Crystal Chunks. For instance, in the Stormterror's Lair.

Players can explore the entire Stromterror's Lair to collect over 50 Crystal Chunks. Players can also visit Mt. Aozang.To get there, they could teleport to the northernmost waypoint in the area and descend into the Huaguang stone forest. From there, players can see a wide cave with a flowing river inside. Players can find several Crystal Chunks in this cave.


Another location where players can mine Crystal Chunks is the Stormbearer Mountains. To get there, players need to go east from Starfell lake's Statue of the Seven. From there, they will find a massive rock formation. That is the location where they could find lots of Crystal Chunks to mine from.

Aside from these locations, players can also get Crystal Chunks from expeditions when they reached Adventure Rank 14. However, it will require players to send characters that are not in their party. The longer the time the character spent away from the party, the greater the number of reward players could get.

Other Details ABout Crystal Chunks in "Genshin Impact"

Players can also break Crystal ore using heavy attack damage or using melee, but compared to melee, using heavy attack damage is way more effective. Heavy attacks could include Geo elemental damage, Claymores, as well as Overload elemental reaction damage. Players could also use characters whose talents are considered heavy attacks.

"Genshin Impact" is available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices.