Tesla worked quietly on refreshing the flagship Model S sedan and the changes introduced during the automaker's earnings call on Wednesday are nothing short of jaw-dropping. The latest iteration of the electric car made it even more luxurious and powerful all at once.

The Model S exterior was not exactly overhauled but the enhancements deployed with the latest model further highlighted the vehicle's already sleek and modern look. A new bumper came with the package as well as the revised air intake and diffuser components. But the one thing that catches the eyes easily is the new set of wheels with size options of 19-inch and 21-inch.

Inside, the Model S is all about premium and convenience. Tesla made sure that the driving experience with the electric sedan is synonymous with comfort and entertainment. It appears that the general statement is to make the ride on the EV something to look forward to.

And why not when the high-end seats inside of the cabin fit gloriously on the body. For the passengers, Tesla provided gaming hardware, complemented by a 22-speaker audio system, that will amaze even the most discriminating gamer, and this is true for those seated beside the driver and at the backseats. That's because of the 17-inch touch panel, now oriented horizontally, that also doubles as the control console. The second-row passengers have access to an 8-inch screen for the same purpose.

CNET said the redesigned steering wheel has to be the most radical element seen in the interior changes applied in the Model S. The truth is Tesla decided to ditch the wheel concept of the steering instrument in favor of a yoke-like handle, and the design of which was likely borrowed from futuristic movies. And yes, the new steering handle comes with smart functionalities.

Now the most notable upgrade for the new Model S release is focused on the performance aspect. The EV is rolling out in three powerful specs that will largely be defined by what Tesla calls the Plaid Mode that will be found on two trims.

Headlining the pack is the Model S Plaid Plus which is boosted to 1100hp of muscle power and can accelerate to 60mph in under two seconds. This is the top-of-the-line version so it's no surprise that the Plaid Plus can reach a top speed of 200mph and cover a driving range of 520 miles per charge.

Tesla said the Model S Plaid Plus is the most aerodynamic production car in the world but be warned that it will cost to drive home the machine - a setback of $139,990. Before shelling out such a big amount for the EV, CNN said it's wise to consider first paying top dollar for the Plaid Mode feature that most people will not get to use during their daily driving routine.

That said, the Long Range and Plaid versions of the 2021 Model S seemed the better alternatives as they have nearly the same functionalities as the Plaid Plus but with a lower asking price, at $79,990 and $119,990 respectively.

Tesla said buyers can order the 2021 Model S and the delivery will start in March for the Long Range and Plaid variants. For the Plaid Plus, it will not be available until the latter part of 2021.