It's no secret that Thor: Love and Thunder is going to be one of the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe films ever. After all, the Thor film series is going to be the first Marvel franchise to get a fourth movie. With that in mind, the cast of Thor 4 appears to be getting bigger as another actor from Thor: Ragnarok teases his possible involvement in the sequel.

Back in 2019, it was confirmed that the fourth Thor movie will be titled Thor: Love and Thunder. In addition to Chris Hemsworth returning as the titular God of Thunder, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson will be joining the film as well. Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi was also confirmed to direct the new sequel.

Since then, several other actors have been confirmed to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. Most notably, it was teased by Tessa Thompson that Christian Bale would be joining the sequel where he will play the new main villain. However, it wasn't until Disney Investor Day last year that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that Bale will play Gorr the God Butcher in the MCU film.

Although the sequel will be adding some new characters, there will also be familiar faces showing up in Thor: Love and Thunder. It has been confirmed that Chris Pratt will reprise his role as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord in the movie. In addition to that, Pratt's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 co-stars will show up in the film. This includes Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Vin Diesel, and Bradley Cooper.

Interestingly, it looks like even some surprise characters will be showing up in Thor: Love and Thunder. Sam Neill, who played the actor playing Odin in Thor: Ragnarok, has just teased on the possibility that he will appear in Thor 4.

"I think the odds are reasonably high. I think Taika's got something up his sleeve. We will see what happens," Neill told Entertainment Tonight. "Travel between [New Zealand] and Australia is problematic at the moment, but we will see if something can be worked out."

It is unclear what role Sam Neill will play in Thor: Love and Thunder. After all, he had previously portrayed an actor playing Odin in Thor: Ragnarok. Nevertheless, it's an exciting thought considering that the cast of Thor 4 is filled with A-listers.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently in production. It is scheduled for release on May 6, 2022.