Any Marvel fan who has been tuning in to WandaVision might be confused about what exactly is happening in the Disney+ series. However, things are slowly becoming clearer with each new episode. The latest episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe show even teased a possible fight between Scarlet Witch and Monica Rambeau, who might already have her powers as Photon.

It's no secret that Teyonah Parris is playing Monica Rambeau in WandaVision. Although Monica originally appeared as a child in Captain Marvel, she returns as an adult in the Marvel Cinematic Universe show. In addition to that, it looks like she has an important mission.

In the previous episode of WandaVision, Monica Rambeau showed up in Westview but was introduced as "Geraldine." In WandaVision Season 1 Episode 3, she visited Wanda Maximoff and Vision just in time for Wanda to go into labor and ended up helping deliver the twin boys.

From there, things got interesting as Wanda Maximoff mentioned to Geraldine that she had a twin brother Pietro Maximoff. Wanda even sang a Sokovian lullaby to her babies in the scene. Unfortunately, it went wrong when Geraldine mentions that Ultron killed Quicksilver.

Wanda Maximoff immediately gets hostile at the mention of the name, and it is an understandably dangerous situation for Monica Rambeau even though she works for SWORD. After all, she is immediately thrown out of Westview as soon as Wanda suspected that she wasn't who she said she was.

But is there a reason why SWORD sent Monica Rambeau to reach out to Wanda Maximoff in the first place? It could take a special individual to face Wanda, who is viewed as the strongest of all the Avengers. This led to speculations that Monica was given the mission since she is already as powerful as Wanda herself.

In the comic books, Monica Rambeau acquires the same powers as Captain Marvel and goes by the name of Photon. She eventually takes on the Captain Marvel mantle after Carol Danvers. With that in mind, most fans believe that the Monica who appears in WandaVision is already Photon and that they almost fought in WandaVision Season 1 Episode 3.

For now, it has not yet been confirmed whether Monica Rambeau already has her powers. However, this could be revealed in the next few episodes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. A new episode of WandaVision premieres on Disney+ every Friday.