Attack on Titan Chapter 138 will serve as the penultimate chapter of Hajime Isayama's manga series. As a lot may happen here, the most famous theory is that Eren may meet his demise at a close friend's hand.

In the previous chapter, Zeke and other Titans were back in their consciousness to help Mikasa and others. Now, in Attack on Titan Chapter 138, they may all be ready to take their final battle.

According to Epic Dope, there are theories Armin may sacrifice himself to fulfill his plan to kill Eren and stop the chaos. Fans also analyze Zeke's words about Ymir's real motivation.

Ymir wants something from the Titans, and it seems to prove the "everyone is connected to one another" theory. As former member of Survey Corps wants to have a family of her own that will stay with her in her own world, the Eldians may get stuck in the "world of path."

The manga is now on its second to the last installment, and since sacrifice has been its recurring theme, Ymir may do everything to attain her wish. As the one who controls the Ancient Titans, she may kill everyone that will come her way and dare to ruin the plan she has made to achieve the freedom she wants.

From here, Armin may try to put Eren down in Attack on Titan Chapter 138 so that he can also stop Ymir's plans.

In Attack on Titan Chapter 137, the Rumbling had finally come to an end, though it remained to be seen what would happen from here. Fans already saw Zeke after he disappeared from Chapter 120 onward, Omnitos noted.

In the previous episode, he talked about humans' existence, different life forms, and purposes. Fans also saw Armin, who had a close death encounter and had the chance to talk to Zeke about life.

Their talk made Zeke realized they could leave the path. Later, he put himself in front of Levi, who decapitated his head without a second thought to end the Beast Titan's line.

Now that one Yeager brother died, it looked like they eyed Eren to be the next. Pieck then set bombs on Eren's neck that separated his head from his spine. However, he would try his best to re-attach his body, but Reiner's Armored Titan would make sure he couldn't do so.

What would happen from here would be next seen in Attack on Titan Chapter 138's release on Tuesday, March 9, per HITC. On the other hand, the final chapter might drop on April 9.

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