A number of major U.S. corporations continue to punish Republican members of the U.S. Congress that voted against certifying President Joe Biden's Electoral College victory despite the violent and deadly insurrection last Jan. 6 instigated by ex-president Donald Trump.

At least 10 corporations slashed donations to Republican Party candidates seeking federal office by more than 90% in January. These companies had earlier vowed to stop making political donations to Republican congressmen who supported Trump's "Big Lie," or his attempt to overturn his election defeat by alleging massive fraud committed by Democrats.

Among these corporations were Microsoft Corporation, Walmart Inc, AT&T Inc and Comcast Corporation. None of the political action committees (PACs) of the 10 major companies donated to any of the 147 congressional Republicans that voted to support Trump's Big Lie, said Reuters.

In addition, PACs from Best Buy Co Inc, State Street Corporation, Dow Inc and Nike Inc didn't report new donations to any of these 147 congressmen in January. Many large U.S. corporations, especially technology firms, tend to support the Democratic Party because their leaderships share the same set of liberal values with Democrats.

The Republican congressmen in question still voted to support Trump during the validation of Electoral College votes just hours after a mob incited to action by Trump launched a deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Data from the U.S. Federal Election Commission the corporate PACs affiliated with these 10 companies only made $13,000 in new donations to other candidates in January.

The money donated during January was less than one-tenth of the $190,000 the PACs of these 10 companies donated in January 2017. It's also puny when compared to the $10 million donated to candidates during the 2019-2020 election cycle.

The 147 Congressmen that voted to overturn President Joe Biden's victory received more than $2 million from these 10 PACs during the last two-year political cycle.

Only PACs from General Electric Company and American Express Company reported any new giving to other federal candidates in January.

American Express' PAC gave $5,000 to Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota who voted not to impeach Trump last week. Thune last week blasted Republicans and party leaders for engaging in "cancel culture" by censuring the seven GOP senators who found Trump guilty of inciting an insurrection.

GE gave $5,000 to Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, a prominent Republican Trump critic, and $1,000 to Rep. Rick Larsen of Washington, a Democrat.