Kengan Omega Chapter 99 will reveal the real fight between Arashiyama Jurota and Hayami Masaki. AfterJurota managed to put Masaki down, could the latter have the upper hand in the game?

Kengan Omega Chapter 98 officially started the eighth round of the tournament. As Jurota and Masaki seem to be still warming up, Kengan Omega Chapter 99 will show how serious their battle will be.

According to Epic Dope, there is more to Masaki than his looks. He possesses an extraordinary talent that not everyone knows about, but it may not be enough to defeat The Gentle King, Jurota.

There are theories his headphones help him win the fights, but now that it is no longer in his possession, he may lose his chance to win over Jurota. However, it is still a mystery how his headphones give him the advantage in the game.

The previous chapter showed something was buzzing in Masaki's headphones. This thing might have something to do with remaining his cool despite all the injuries he had sustained.

So, in Kengan Omega Chapter 99, Masaki may have something on his sleeve to make the fight with Jurota interesting. Anyhow, this fight is undoubtedly a must-see as fans are about to witness an intense battle between two Judokas.

Though there is only a slim chance that Masaki can beat Jurota, anything can happen here. In the previous episode, the Kengan Association lost its last match after being disqualified, OtakuKart News noted.

Raina experienced disqualification after he killed Alan in the middle of a fight. Hence, his group had to win the next battle to tie in with Purgatory.

The authority then announced the next match in Kengan Omega Chapter 99 would be between The Gentle King and The Killing Throw. From here, what would happen next could be next seen when the new chapter drops on Thursday, February 25.

Anyhow, the new chapter may be subjected to delay, though it is yet to be confirmed, per Spoiler Guy. Due to the ongoing scare of the COVID-19 pandemic, it may still be the reason for the hiatus.

Anyhow, the new chapter's leaks and spoilers may be out two to three days before it drops. But, fans are advised to wait for its official release to help the creators and people working behind it.

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