WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the first season of Blood of Zeus. Read at your own risk.

Blood of Zeus season 2 has been officially renewed by Netflix in December 2020. The animated series debuted on the streaming platform back in October 2020, with all eight episodes available to stream at once. Now, here is what viewers can anticipate in the second installment.

At the moment, the official release date of Blood of Zeus season 2 is unknown. But, since the first installment premiered in the latter half of 2020, it is expected that the animated series would return in late 2021, as well. However, the COVID-19 pandemic remains to be a major filming challenge.

The animation industry was impacted by the global health crisis, though remote works are easier than in live-action shows or movies. Aside from the pandemic, the production company -- Powerhouse Animation -- behind the series has other line-up projects.

The company also produces another Netflix hit animated series, Castlevania. The show has been renewed for the fourth, which also serves as the series finale. Thus, a lot of things are needed to be considered before confirming the official premiere date.

Meanwhile, the voice actors are set to return in Blood of Zeus season 2. That means Derek Phillips is coming back as the voice of Heron, Matthew Mercer as Hermes, Jessica Henwick as Alexia, Adam Croasdell as Apollo, and Elias Toufexis as Seraphim.

Jason O'Mara may also continue voicing Zeus even though the god sacrificed his life to save his wife, Hera (Claudia Christian). The latter sustained severe injuries in season 1, but she managed to escape and now planning for her next attack.

Zeus might be resurrected in the second installment, given that the story focused on immortal gods and the magic around them. Fred Tatasciore may also voice Hades again, as the god of the underworld made a brief appearance in the previous installment. He could be the major antagonist in Blood of Zeus season 2.

Now that Mount Olympus is without Zeus and Hera, someone is going to step up to gain control. Hades could make his plan with Seraphim happen so he can get out of his duties in the underworld. He might want to take over the throne and rule everyone.

However, since Hera escaped, she could return in Blood of Zeus season 2. She is weak but she survived what she's gone through in the first season. She is likely somewhere recovering and will eventually come back to resume her spot on the throne.