Love Alarm season 2 is coming within a few weeks on Netflix. The high-anticipated romance is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, wherein people find love through an application and alerts users that someone within a 10-meter radius has feelings for them.

Love Alarm season 2 will continue to feature Kim So Hyun as Kim Jo Jo, Song Kang as Hwang Sun Oh, and Jung Ga Ram as Lee Hye Yeong. The first season followed the three as they face a world where people express their love towards a person through the application.

In the second installment, the story is set four years following the events in season 1. The application now has a new feature where it provides a list of "people who you'll like" and "people who'll like you." The new posters also showed the are characters trying to express their true feelings for each other.

Kim Jo Jo couldn't fully convey her feelings as the application has a feature that blocks others' alarms from ringing. Her poster comes with a message, "I confessed for the first time." Until now, it remains a mystery who she really has feelings for.

Hwang Sun Oh's poster, on the other hand, comes with a tagline: "I'll only trust your eyes from now on." He is revealing his true feelings for Kim Jo Jo, but she tries to distance herself from him instead. Despite that, he will continue to show what he feels towards her.

As for Lee Hye Young, the poster quoted "I don't care even if that thing doesn't ring." This is a hint that he will pursue his growing feelings for Kim Jo Jo -- even if he does not get a response from the application. The posters suggest that there's an intense love triangle in Love Alarm season 2.

Aside from the three, other characters also get a spotlight in the next installment. For instance, Park Gul Mi (Go Min Si) is surprised that her love alarm turned off in an unexpected situation, while Lee Yook Jo (Kim Si Eun) knows that Hwang Sun Oh still has feelings for Kim Jo Jo.

Love Alarm season 2 sees these characters in different wavelengths. It would be interesting to see how the relationship between them plays out, especially since four years had already passed. The latest installment will also highlight how the new alarm system changed their world.

Love Alarm season 2 will premiere on Friday, March 12, on Netflix.