Sunmi has returned to the music space upon releasing "Tail" on Tuesday. Fans and followers last heard of her productions amid the pandemic crisis when she dropped "Pporappippam" and "When We Disco."

While the talks about her newest single take the spotlight, AllKpop shone a light on her recent revelations about being "disappointed." As it happened, the 28-year-old K-Pop artist shared that she has already lost her links to J.Y. Park of JYP Entertainment.

Speaking to an interview on Tuesday, she initially discussed what "Tail" is all about. She consequently talked about her activities these past few months since the release of her 2020 hits.

Sunmi shared that she is "making a comeback" after the collaboration she did with the music producer. She, however, felt a "bit disappointed" when she lost contact with the label's CEO.

Although she was entirely joking about it, she recalled that Park worked with Rain after their "When We Disco" project. She, also, noted that he had a joint production with Yoyomi after a while.

Reports said that J.Y. Park co-wrote "When We Disco" with the former Wonder Girls member. They released the single under JYP Entertainment on August 12, 2020, adding that the CEO's album featured the material in it, alongside the Japanese version of the track.

Sunmi's comeback has materialized through "Tail." The Korea Herald stated that the K-Pop star has channeled her "inner feline," showing her "transformation into a seductive yet innocent, cat-like woman" in the new single.

During her live-streamed press conference for the track, she explained that "it is [a] completely different song" from her previous releases. She shared, as well, that it is an "embodiment of the instinctive emotions of a cat-like woman."

The former Wonder Girls member continued that animals would always use their tails when expressing emotions. She, later on, unveiled that she found the "frankness of this instinctive behavior" likable, causing the word "tail" to make a significant impact on her mind.

In the same discussion, Sunmi, also, revealed that she contacted Janelle Ginestra to work on the choreography of "Tail." Soompi reported that the dance expert worked previously with Beyoncé, Irene, and Seulgi.

These previous projects seemingly helped the K-Pop artist to decide that Ginestra is the ideal choreographer for her new music. She eventually described the routines as "refreshing," adding that they created new movements to produce an "animal-like feel."

Later in the same press conference, Sunmi said that she hopes TVXQ's Yunho will cover her recently released track. She even revealed that it would be an honor to have the singer-actor work on and cover "Tail" in the future.