The four members of BLACKPINK continue to work on their respective projects following the success of their virtual concern, The Show. While Jisoo focuses on her stint in Snowdrop, Lisa on Youth With You 3, and Jennie on her own YouTube channel, Rosé is gearing up for the release of her solo debut album.

It remains unclear when the track collection will arrive. But, reports believe that it will premiere sometime in March.

As fans remain in the dark, Koreaboo reported that the public may still enjoy Rosé's appearance on various materials. This comes after SBS confirmed that the "GONE" singer will be a guest for one of their variety shows.

The publication said that the BLACKPINK vocalist will be a "special host" for My Little Old LadySports Donga just confirmed the news, noting that Rosé has just completed recording her studio session for the episode.

There is very little information, as well, when it comes to the release date of the episode. But, sources claimed that the installment will drop on the network in March, ahead of the K-Pop idol's solo debut album release.

Rosé's appearance on the variety show next month will not be her first time. As the public would recall, the four K-Pop stars appeared on the material when Seungri made her guest appearance nearly two years ago.

Hello K-Pop, also, released a similar report detailing the BLACKPINK singer's stint on My Little Old Boy. As stated, the show, which many individuals refer to as My Ugly Duckling, as well, is a well-loved material in the country.

Several avid viewers, reportedly, found the show "fun" and interesting because of its "touching content." As explained, the premise of the material revolves around a guest star's grown-up son, tackling how their lives have turned out to be as they age.

While following the day-to-day activities, the celebrity mothers are in the studio, giving commentaries about their sons in front of the camera. As a guest host, Rosé will be with the "Movengers" to share her thoughts.

With her latest projects and activities, it appears that the BLACKPINK singer will have a lot of things on her plate this 2021. Apart from her upcoming solo debut album, Soompi previously reported that Rosé has plans to launch her own YouTube channel.

During her birthday earlier this month, the K-Pop idol hinted that she might be doing the same venture as what her co-member Jennie did in January. While she has yet to confirm, Rosé said that she might push through with it after her debut album drops.