K-Pop idols and K-Drama actresses always capture the eyes of the public. Some great examples of this are IU and Bae Suzy. With their flawless skin, youthful glow, and slim figures, it is not surprising why many people want to know their secrets.

AllKpop recently released a report, detailing what netizens found out about the two South Korean celebrities' exercise routines. In unearthing some old shows and interviews, the community discovered workout equipment that both the stars are, reportedly, using.

Fans and followers "screen-captured" some scenes from MBC's 2013 show, I Live Alone. In it, television personality Noh Hong Chul introduced the "Stairmaster Step Mill" equipment.

He explained that the Hotel Del Luna actress uses the machine "very diligently." The reason is that the step mill helps burn tons of calories as it is quite challenging to use.

In the discussion on The Qoo, netizens, also, found out that health trainer Yoon Tae Sik introduced the same workout equipment in an engagement with Allure. In the clip, he said that Bae Suzy utilized the machine "to get rid of bloating just before filming."

He continued that the "Start-Up" actress does it on "level 10, repeating the steps for 30 minutes each." It is a high-intensity cardio workout, which Suzy uses, as well, to, reportedly, "climb about 100 floors."

While no one could confirm whether IU and Bae Suzy have stuck to this training up to date, Health-Yogi previously released a diet and workout profile for both South Korean personalities. While the "eight" singer, reportedly, lives an active lifestyle, the case is different for the former Miss A member.

As claimed, IU does 30 minutes of cardio every day, including running, push-ups, jogging, and brisk walking. She, also, does Pilates or yoga, alongside bodyweight exercises, at least five times a week.

On the other hand, Bae Suzy once shared that she does the "penguin dance" for stretching. She did not specify, however, what routines she includes in her regimen. Nevertheless, the publication noted that the "Dream" singer maintains her fitness and health by minding her meal consumption.

Asia One reported that IU and Bae Suzy follow these extreme diet plans, particularly when preparing for a project. For the 27-year-old celebrity, she, reportedly, consumes an apple, two sweet potatoes, and a glass of protein-packed drink for the whole day. As for the 26-year-old actress, she consumes one sweet potato, a small serving of chicken breasts, and a glass of milk.