Prince William has voiced his support for getting vaccinated alongside his wife, Kate Middleton, and he has also expressed concerns that there are plenty of rumors and misinformation about the rollout on social media.

Speaking in a video conference call, the Duke of Cambridge told some vulnerable patients who are waiting to get their vaccinations that he believes in the importance of the program. He and Kate are "wholeheartedly" behind the rollout and hope that more people, especially the vulnerables, will get their shots when they've been notified by the U.K. government.

William said that he and Kate are not medical experts but they have spoken to a lot of scientists who have informed them of the positive outcomes of the vaccine. In recent weeks, William has been personally visiting clinics conducting the rollout in Norfolk to talk to the NHS workers and patients.

The Duke of Cambridge said that he's aware social media is "awash" with rumors and misinformation about the vaccination. He warned of the dangers because such misinformation could put those who are clinically vulnerable more at risk.

The royal's message comes as his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, personally assured the people that the vaccine is safe, quick to do, and painless. The Queen, who had her vaccination in January, also had a video conference call where she discussed how easy the rollout was.

Queen Elizabeth also said that getting the vaccine is about considering the welfare of other people, which some took as a comment against anti-vaxxers. In the U.K., experts said that around 15 percent of the population still do not want to get the shots for fears of the side effects.

Kate, on the other hand, said that she understood there will be apprehensions and anxieties about the rollout. However, she strongly believes that with vaccines, life can slowly return to normal, even for those who are vulnerable to the virus.

One of the vulnerables they've taken to said that she is excited about getting vaccinated because it is a major layer of protection against COVID-19. She knows that the shots don't work like magic but she won't suffer from severe symptoms if she gets the virus. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge agreed with what she said.

William and Kate, who are in the 30s, have not yet gotten their shots based on the priority list in the U.K. In November 2020, William admitted that he had COVID-19 right after his father, Prince Charles, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Duke of Cambridge kept this condition a secret because he didn't want the public to needlessly worry, especially after two of the Queen's important people have gotten sick.