Any fan of South Korean actors and idols knows that these high-profile personalities need to put their careers on hold for their country's military. This year, it is expected that many '93 Liners will have to enlist themselves in the service.

AllKpop recently released a report, revealing which members of the group will likely put their respective ventures on hold to serve their country. While no confirmations have been given yet, their age is already a huge tell that they will have to step back from the spotlight.

Ravi from VIXX is one of the '93 Liners that will need to enlist in the military. He was born on February 15, 1993, and recently turned 28-years-old.

The publication said that the K-Pop star is well-known for "his love for the fans." It, then, makes total sense why he plans to meet his fandom through his broadcasting and music productions ahead of his leave.

Likewise, P.O of Block B, reportedly, has similar plans before he enlists in the military this year. He, also, turned 28-years-old earlier last month, and is expected to join the service before 2021 ends.

Mino, who is from WINNER, is part of the '93 Liners in the world of South Korean entertainment. He will turn 28-years-old on March 30, causing many fans to be convinced that he might enlist himself in the service in the next few months.

These days, though, the K-Pop idol seemingly focuses on his "professional appearances on stage." Apart from being an idol, he, also, produces music these past few years.

Next on the list is Taemin from SHINee. Reports said that he will be the last member of the K-Pop group to join the military.

He was born on July 18, 1993, making him 27-years-old. Many fans expect him to enlist himself later this year as he currently focuses on his career as a soloist and a member of SuperM, as well as SHINee.

While many of the '93 Liners will leave the spotlight, there are South Korean celebrities who will return to the scene this year, as well. Cosmopolitan previously released a report, revealing the list of K-Pop idols and K-Drama actors who have completed and will complete their military service in 2021.

Earlier in January, D.O. from EXO returned to the music scene after completing his enlistment of nearly two years. However, the group has yet to complete its line-up as there are still some members who are in the service, and will be in it soon, like Chanyeol.

On March 20, Junho from 2PM will officially be out of the military after enlisting himself last May 2019. A month later, Jinyoung of B1A4 will, also, return to the spotlight.