BTS has one of the biggest fandoms in the world of music. As their fanbase, ARMY, continues to extend its reach across the globe, it is not surprising why many individuals seemingly try to get to know more about the K-Pop idols.

Recently, members Jin and Jimin gave their fans an insight into their respective "activities," especially before recording their tracks. Koreaboo reported that the two idols discussed their thoughts about alcoholic drinks, particularly the effects of these beverages on their voices and performances.

It all began when Jimin shared his techniques in preparing himself before recording and performing. He said that he keeps himself hydrated, adding that he, also, sleeps with his humidifier.

The "Filter" singer continued that he avoids drinking alcohol during their recording periods, or at times when he needs to sing his best. He explained that it keeps his throat "very dry," and negatively impacts his vocals.

The eldest member of BTS had a different response, though. Jin said that drinking a bit of alcohol helps him "improve" his records.

He told Jimin that he would, at times, drink a can or two of beers before they head out to record. He, also, noted that this usually happens when the activity is "not really going well" for him.

Despite having different thoughts about it, however, Jimin agreed that he heard some artists benefit from it, as well. Accordingly, they conceded that every singer has distinct techniques to prepare themselves before recording or performing.

While Jin loves to drink alcoholic beverages, a separate report from Koreaboo revealed that he is only the second BTS member with the highest alcohol tolerance. As stated, J-Hope once shared that Suga has the ability to "out-drink" them all.

Next to him and Jin, Jimin, reportedly, ranks at the third spot. The "Chicken Noodle Soup" singer said that while Jimin is the "smolest" member, he can "tolerate alcohol better" than most of the biggest BTS idols.

RM and Jungkook, then, come in fourth and fifth places as they only drink casually. As for V and J-Hope, they are the last two members on the list as they do not, reportedly, like alcoholic beverages.

Avid fans of BTS know that the members of the K-Pop group drink from time to time. But, some of them, also, believe that there are a few in the band who smoke, as well.

On Quora, some netizens discussed which of the septet has this "bad" habit. Several individuals claimed that there are people who insisted that Suga and Jimin usually smell like tobacco during fan meet-ups. Some fans, also, noted that V likely smokes vape because many have already noticed his juul on many occasions.