Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall is briefly taking a break from Instagram after she launched her online book club, the Reading Room, in January 2021.

Prince Charles' wife revealed in a video message, which was posted on the social media profile that she will pause from the book club as it has just ended its first season. The Duchess of Cornwall said that the break will allow her to do more reading so she could prepare for the book club's next activities.

Camilla said that she hopes to resume the book club with a new feature by April 16. However, the Instagram page will not be empty during her absence because there will still be contents to share.

The Reading Room has had nearly 100,000 followers since its launch and has featured a variety of stories for children to adult readers. The Duchess of Cornwall has also featured a few of her favorite authors and a handful of celebrity guests.

Camilla is the royal patron of at least seven literary organizations, including the prestigious National Literacy Trust. She shared in one video that she has nurtured a love for reading because of her father, who trained her and her siblings to love books at an early age.

Meanwhile, Camilla has been actively joining Prince Charles for in-person visits at various vaccination centers across London. The royal couple staunchly supports the United Kingdom's vaccine rollout.

Camilla shared that she received her jab in February with her husband. The Duchess of Cornwall confirmed that she had the AstraZeneca vaccine and experienced a painless process.

The royal told medical workers during one of her visits to the vaccination hubs that she shut her eyes during the injection because she doesn't like needles. However, she felt relieved to finally have an extra layer of protection against the deadly virus.

While Camilla is the only royal to confirm what vaccine brand she had, the duchess said that this didn't matter. She didn't specifically ask for a brand and simply took what was given to her and Charles.

Camilla has been in the royal frontline since she married Charles in 2005. However, she has been in the public eye decades before her royal wedding after the Prince of Wales confirmed their relationship in the mid-1990s.

The Duchess of Cornwall hasn't publicly talked about this very controversial time of her life when she was still regarded as the Prince of Wales's mistress. Camilla also keeps herself out of anything scandalous and would rather focus on her causes as a senior working royal.