BTS member Suga is aware that everything they have achieved, as the current most popular music group in the world, has an end. However, Suga hopes that, if and when that time comes, it will be a "safe landing" for his seven-man band.

Speaking during a special episode of the game show You Quiz on the Block, Suga revealed his fervent hope regarding the band's popularity. He wished that their fame won't suddenly plunge after staying at the peak for so long. The rest of BTS's members -- RM, Jimin, J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, and V -- also agreed with Suga's wishes, but everyone also acknowledged that "nothing is forever," especially in the entertainment business.

In a separate interview with K-Pop Herald, Suga said that he's not afraid of losing their fame and popularity. However, it would hurt more if they suddenly lose their fans and followers.

Suga also said that they could still make the ride worth it even if their followers are dwindling in numbers. They will continue to give their best until there's only one fan supporting the group. The Bangtan Boys member's words impacted the ARMY, who said that it's unlikely BTS will suddenly lose their popularity anytime soon as they continue to make hit after hit.

Meanwhile, BTS also said that they did not expect to reach such successful heights in their career. Suga revealed they weren't aspiring to be at the top because they also know the pressure to live up to the expectations of the fans and to be consistently delivering in top form.

The rapper said that it's rare for someone to have a long career as an idol. Personally, he thought he'd stop or shift to producing once they have reached their first number one song or did their first concert.

However, as fate and hard work would have it, Suga and the rest of the BTS have crossed borders and reached global success. They've performed in the U.S. and other countries and have broken records at the Billboard Music Awards. It's a feat that doesn't come so easily for any aspiring musician, especially from Asia.

BTS has no plans to stop yet as they recently announced a new album release slated for June 16. The Best is a compilation especially curated for Japanese fans, but it will also be accessible to their global followers. The first song, "Film Out," will hit the airwaves on April 2.