The boys of BTS always appear clean-shaven in their music videos, live performances, interviews and guest stints and fans have long been wondering how they manage to have no facial hair despite their male hormones.

In a recent TV appearance, Suga, J-Hope, and V confessed to the routines they undergo to maintain a stubble-free face after a fan asked if they regularly shave. V was the first to answer and showed the cameras that he actually has some very light stubbles on his face. The truth is, V said he likes the look but he does shave regularly.

J-Hope, on the other hand, said that he did grow facial hair at the beginning of his career with BTS. For some reason, however, his facial hair's growth hasn't been as fast as he would have wanted. But Asian men, in general, don't easily grow facial hair because of genetics. It is believed that they have lower DHT and testosterone levels than other races.

Suga opened up and said that he has gotten laser treatments to remove his thick mustache. He pointed out that he had a lot of facial hair when he was still a BTS trainee and he didn't feel comfortable about this so he signed on for the laser treatment.

K-Pop fans believe that facial hair is a no-no for the music idols as it is not in keeping with the youthful vibe of the genre. According to Next Shark, facial hair among South Korean men, in general, is uncommon because most of them would rather go for the clean-shaven look.

Facial hair makes South Korean men look "barbaric" and this isn't their standard of beauty. However, in other cultures, it's a sign of masculine superiority and can make look guys intimidating.

The members of BTS haven't said anything about being disallowed from growing facial hair to sustain their youthful K-Pop image. But J-Hope wore a mask once during a long interview to hide the fact that he forgot to shave his face.

The boys have also talked about their almost non-existent mustache and beards before. They've teased each other about accidentally cutting their skin when shaving. Jimin even came up with a video showing how he actually shaves his face, complete with a shaving mask.

Being clean-shaven is partly a cultural thing and a personal preference for this South Korean group. Regardless of how they look, the ARMY continue to embrace the boys of BTS for their music and talent.