Edens Zero is arriving on small screens in the next few days in Japan. While local fans and followers of the manga series are now in celebration, the case is seemingly quite different for the international audience.

The pilot installment of the anime adaptation will only drop in Japan on April 11. Although Netflix has the license for international distribution, it remains unclear when it will premiere on the platform.

Comic Book reported that the sci-fi anime series will likely air on the streaming service once the whole season concludes in Japan. Accordingly, international fans and viewers may need to wait for months before witnessing the material on television.

In Japan, Nippon TV will release all-new episodes of Edens Zero weekly. Considering the potential length of the material, it will not probably make its debut outside the country until the winter season.

The publication noted, though, that things may still change given the unprecedented times due to the pandemic. Moreover, Netflix has yet to confirm the actual release date in the United States. Nevertheless, the official trailer from the streaming giant teases that it will premiere on the platform this year.

Amid all the talks about its international release, creator Hiro Mashima took his celebration to social media on Tuesday. A separate report from Comic Book claimed that the post has since appeared to mark the upcoming debut of Edens Zero on local screens.

On Twitter, Mashima shared a "fun new sketch" of the lead character of the anime series. He posted a photo of the digital sketch of Shiki Granbell.

The tweet has since obtained more than 17,000 likes and 2,000 retweets. Several netizens, also, expressed their excitement toward the show, as well as their gratitude to the creator for his effort and "amazing" work.

The Cinemaholic recently said that the production had an initial screening last March 29 for the first two episodes of Edens Zero. Hence, there are already a few teasers and spoilers for the debut of the anime show.

The pilot episode carries the title, Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter. As for the second installment, it is titled The Girl and the Blue Cat.

The same publication continued that Studio J.C. Staff developed Hiro Mashima's manga creation into a series. Shinji Ishihara and Yuji Suzuki are serving as the primary and assistant directors, respectively.

As for the overall character designs, Shunya Kikuchi oversaw the team, while Yoshihisa Hirano composed the music. The opening theme song is "Eden Through the Rough," and Takanori Nishikawa sang the material.