Star Trek: Prodigy is an upcoming animated series on streaming platform Paramount+ and cable channel Nickelodeon. Now, the first look at the freshman show has been unveiled and confirmed the return of fan-favorite Captain Kathryn Janeway, played by Kate Mulgrew.

In Star Trek: Prodigy, Mulgrew is set to voice her character who served as the Captain of the USS Voyager and now appears as the ship's built-in emergency training hologram. This is the first time the actress returned as Janeway since her appearance in Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002.

Mulgrew's iconic character was introduced in the series Star Trek: Voyager, which aired from 1995 to 2001. Now, during the First Contact Day, Paramount+ released photos of Janeway in the upcoming animated series providing fans a glimpse of her cartoon version.

Mulgrew was confirmed to be joining the Star Trek: Prodigy during the 2020 New York Comic-Con. At the time, it was announced that the actress will reprise her role from Star Trek: Voyager. Right now, however, the actress is the only confirmed cast in the upcoming show.

It should be noted that Janeway won't serve as the captain of the ship in the animated series. Instead, she'll be an educational hologram that will teach the crew. Although the official cast hasn't been unveiled, some of the first photos also provide a glimpse of how other characters will look like.

Star Trek: Prodigy geared towards younger viewers, with the story focusing on six young alien outcasts who don't understand the ship they've commandeered. The animated series will be set in 2383, following the events in Star Trek: Voyager, which took place from 2371 to 2378.

This only means that Janeway is still in the past five years. Now, she'll train the six young alien outcasts to work together and use the abandoned starship to search for adventure in the Delta Quadrant. Together, they will navigate the galaxy and be introduced to the ideals of Starfleet.

Meanwhile, the project was first mentioned by Alex Kurtzman, who serves as an executive producer, back in 2019. After a few months, it was confirmed that brothers Kevin and Dan Hageman will serve as both series creators and showrunners. The animated series will be directed by Ben Hibon.

Star Trek: Prodigy is slated to premiere later in 2021. The first 10 episodes of the freshman show will air on Paramount+ first. Then, season 1 will be available on Nickelodeon before the second installment arrives on the streaming platform.