Granola may head to Planet Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 now that he has become the greatest warrior in the universe. After Heeters tries to manipulate Granola to fight Goku and Vegeta, this may finally happen soon. 

Granola may challenge the two powerful Saiyans for an intense fight. Though it remains to be seen if this will happen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71, it will surely occur somewhere in the series.

Granola has been wishing to become the strongest warrior in the universe to avenge his planet and kill Frieza. However, according to BlockToro, he may have to face Goku and Vegeta first before this happens.

By the looks of it, the upcoming chapter will set up the fight between the two Saiyans and Granola. Though it may not be the major battle per se, it may be a minor clash that will turn into a vital brawl.

Goku and Vegeta, on the other hand, are continuously under training to be much stronger. Beerus puts Vegeta under his wings and teaches him to learn a new technique in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71.

Goku, alternatively, is honing his Ultra Instinct with Whis' help. The Dragon Ball metaseries protagonist already had a hint that a new enemy is coming, and it's the strongest warrior that they will ever meet, TV Season Spoilers noted.

Though Goku and Vegeta have nothing to do with the destruction of Granola's planet, the latter may still want to face them, knowing they are the only Saiyans who are alive. If this happens, fans will see how strong Granola is.

Can he match or even surpass their abilities? Can he prove that he is indeed the strongest warrior in the universe compared to Goku and Vegeta?

So, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71, Granola may start looking for Goku and Vegeta. He may also search for Frieza's location, though it is yet to reveal what he will do here.

Goku and Vegeta may use their new-learned techniques against Granola when they finally face each other. In addition, Monaito will look for a way to prolong Granola's lifespan now that he is about to die in three years as a consequence of being the strongest warrior.

Fans will finally see what will happen next when the new chapter drops on Tuesday, April 20, per OtakuKart News. It can be seen on Viz Media and Shueisha's MangaPlus official platforms.

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