Boruto Chapter 57 will take a new turn as a major time skip is about to happen. Though it may center on Code, it may feature another arc before it takes fans to a different timeline.

All eyes are now on Code and how he will give Boruto and the rest of the protagonist's group a hard time. Amid the number of theories about him, it looks like being a new Otsutsuki God will be confirmed in Boruto Chapter 57.

It has been known that Isshiki transferred everything he knew to Code before he died. Now, the new villain would get his hand to the Otsutsuki weapons, and it's now up to him how to use them.

According to BlockToro, the new manga storyline will mainly focus on the battle between the ninjas and the cyborgs. However, there will be a huge twist coming.

Code is now on his way to become the new Otsutsuki God, and he may joint his newfound energy with the cyborgs to make them unstoppable in Boruto Chapter 57. One of the cyborgs Code is about to use is Eida, who is the most powerful of her kind.

Boruto and Kawaki are the only ones who can defend Konoha village after Naruto and Sasuke lost the majority of their powers. The new generation of ninjas have to up their game this time and take on the enemies on their own.

Devdiscourse noted Kawaki and Boruto would be facing new challenges. Now that Code can access the full Otsutsuki's weapons or have the Otsutsuki God's multiple eyes; this only makes him a formidable enemy.

Fans had a glimpse of Code's absolute power and ability in Boruto Chapter 56. It then showed Boruto arriving at Boro's old haunting ground to kill the enemies.

After ending a couple of guards' lives, he told an older man looking after the camp his initiative. It was later revealed that he's looking for Eida, the cyborg Kara made when Jigen was still in charge.

Eida became more powerful than Jigen that he ordered for her destruction. However, Boro saved Eida, who's waiting for her next mission.

With her strength, Code knew she would be helpful, so he would use her to fulfill Isshiki's will. Now, aside from Code, Boruto and Kawaki had to face Eida as well.

How would this go through? Find out when Boruto Chapter 57 drops on Tuesday, April 20, per HITC.

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