Naruto is one of the most famous anime and manga series in the world. With its huge following, it is not surprising that collectible items related to the material are apparent these days.

Over the years, many individuals, especially avid fans and collectors have already amassed merchandise. It appears that this dynamic will continue as both the demand and supply increase, as well.

In fact, another batch of clothing pieces from Viz Media and Dim Mak have arrived earlier this month. Comic Book reported that the publishing company teamed up with Steve Aoki for the project.

Steve Aoki's brand, Dim Mak, spearheads the collaboration with Viz Media. They released Naruto-centered clothing pieces, which are now available on the label's official store.

The publication described the items as "stuff of dreams for streetwear lovers." The collection features hoodies and tees with prints of some of the characters from Naruto, including the titular character himself, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Itachi, Jiraiya, and Gaara.

The prices from the set range from $38 to $85. As noted, this line appears to be "more affordable" than any other similar collections in the market today.

Upon the release of the items, Steve Aoki gave an official statement in a press release. He recalled the time when he was young as an Asian-American individual growing up in the United States.

He shared that he "felt different" because not many people looked like him. But, with the help of music, it allowed him to find his "community," adding that he was able to "build [his] tribe."

Aoki continued that, eventually, he founded Dim Mak Records "as a means to foster this chosen family and to project a message to the world that through grit and resilience, anything is achievable by any means necessary." He, later on, stated that "this has been the Dim Mak mantra ever since."

This is not the first time Steve Aoki collaborated with Viz Media for a Naruto apparel collection. Earlier in September, Dim Mak released its first-ever Naruto clothing batch, alongside the manga series creator, Masashi Kishimoto. They announced that the limited edition collection was a way to mark the material's 20th anniversary.

At that time, Aoki explained that Naruto, along with the material's overall message, has impacted him and his business "greatly." He, also, revealed that he has "always been inherently drawn to manga" because he saw himself in them. Accordingly, he has since planned to bridge his "Japanese heritage and American upbringing in as many projects as possible."