Game of Thrones recently released a 2021 trailer, retelling the major events that occurred in the final season. The fantasy drama has ended almost two years ago and will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next month. Now, HBO sets "The Iron Anniversary," a month-long celebration dedicated to the series.

As part of the celebration, a new trailer of Game of Thrones has been released focusing on the events that happened in season 8. Shortly after the announcement of "The Iron Anniversary," the social media account of the series becomes active once again.

The show's official YouTube Channel dropped all-new trailers for all eight seasons of the fantasy drama. The clip for season 8, in particular, retells the happenings in the final run. The video is not spoiler-free as it contains the major events in the series finale -- including the burning of King's Landing.

The 2021 trailer also shows Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) coming face-to-face with the Night King, which was originally featured in episode 5, titled "The Long Night." The video brings back the majority of the tragic, painful final moments in the Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile, "The Iron Anniversary" celebration also includes HBO dropping behind-the-scenes videos and interviews, with more content available on HBO Max. New merchandise will also be released, such as Funko Pop figures. New and longtime fans can binge the series to fundraise for various causes, as well.

On Friday, April 10, there'll be a "MaraThrone" with all episodes from season 1 and will air at 10 AM ET on HBO2. This will allow fans to raise money for global charities and Game of Thrones cast members will highlight these causes for two weeks.

Some of the charities included are Women for Women International, The Trevor Project, World Central Kitchen, National Urban League, Conservation International, Royal Mencap Society, UNICEF, FilmAid International, and International Rescue Committee (IRC).

In addition, the "MaraThrone" is offering six different directions to fans who want to experience the fantasy drama in a new way. Several episodes will focus only on the journey of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), as well as other action-packed battles in the main show.

Although Game of Thrones chapters have closed, there's still a chance to see more spin-offs, including the Targaryen prequel series, House of the Dragon. Tales of Dunk and Egg series is also said to be in development at HBO, while an animated version of the flagships show is in the works at HBO Max.