WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the second season of Harley Quinn. Read at your own risk.

Harley Quinn season 3 was renewed in September 2020, just three months following the season 2 finale. It was also confirmed that the animated series will have a new home, HBO Max. The first two installments originally aired on DC Universe.

Harley Quinn season 3 kicked off recording in February 2021. Showrunner Patrick Schumacker has since sharing updates on social media about what's coming next. The latest post hinted at a new look for the titular character, making fans even more excited with the show's return.

Schumacker wrote that he saw the design for the third outing with Harley in a red carpet gown. However, he said that he won't be able to share the character's new look as it "would break the internet" if he did. The showrunner also used the hashtag, #Harlivy -- a reference to the titular character and Poison Ivy.

One fan replied that Harley might be "walking down the red carpet with her babe of a girlfriend Poison Ivy, prompting Schumacker to answer: "Definitely." This isn't the first time that he and his co-showrunner Justin Helpern teased about the relationship of the two in Harley Quinn season 3.

The second installment ended with the titular character and Poison Ivy professing their love for each other. They admitted their desire to pursue a romantic relationship and decided to be together. This is something that will continue once the animated returns.

Prior to the official renewal, Halpern told SYFY that they've been discussing how the third installment could go. He said that the first thing they considered is that they don't want to do something that feels like the "stakes are whether Harley and Ivy stay together."

Halpern explained that they wanted to deliver a story that navigates their different personalities in the relationship. He said that there could be outside influences that could make everything tough between them -- but without the stakes being.

Elsewhere in Harley Quinn season 3, a lot of people are out for revenge for the titular character after what transpired in the season 2 finale. Police Commissioner Jim, in particular, is determined to capture her and willing to do everything to take her down.

Moreover, Doctor Psycho might be returning in the next installment. He planned to dominate the world but he didn't succeed as his scheme was thwarted by Harley and Poison Ivy. He could come back and seek revenge on the two.

No official release date has been set for Harley Quinn season 3, but it is expected to premiere by the end of 2021.