The Way of the Househusband is one of the anime series many people waited for on Netflix. Upon its arrival on the platform, fans immediately binge-watch the five-episode pilot season on Thursday.

While the fandom was feeling excited at first due to the positive feedback toward the original manga source, the tune seemingly changed when the anime adaptation dropped on the streaming site. Comic Book reported that the debut "disappointed" fans and followers, adding that the series failed to impress the audience, especially its manga readers.

After watching the material on April 8, netizens immediately took their thoughts to various social media channels. The majority appears to have criticized the animation with some even referring to it as a "powerpoint presentation."

The publication said that most people who have already watched The Way of the Househusband took their disappointments to Twitter and Reddit. Although some emphasized that the script is "on point," several individuals highlighted the animation, which J.C. staff did, and deemed it "shoddy."

One Twitter user said that the "main problem" lies in the "lazy" look of the animation. As noted, the characters "barely move around" in most of the scenes. Moreover, each episode is "very short and out of place" in terms of its setup.

A different netizen echoed the sentiments, adding that "it felt cheap." Furthermore, many anime fans questioned the entirety of the material, saying that how would one "call it an animation when the only thing that is moving is their mouth."

On Reddit, Redditors have the same thoughts and criticisms about Netflix's The Way of the Househusband. In a thread, which mainly discusses the public's overall disappointments about the show, hundreds of people exchanged their comments and reactions.

The original poster even asserted that "some animes in 2000 were better" than the animation of the new Netflix anime series. As added, it is "not [the] animation" the public knows today.

Despite all the negative reviews, The Thrillist released an article the following day, deeming The Way of the Househusband a "hilarious" anime that it "uproariously funny every single time." It, also, credits the "short and lighting-fast" courses of each installment, which fits around five to six mini-stories.

Meanwhile, there are, also, some people who have now started to talk about the second season of the anime series. While there has been no official word yet regarding the material's future on Netflix, The Cinemaholic said that the makers of The Way of the Househusband anime might adapt the chapters, which the makers did not include in the pilot season.