Eiichiro Oda will take a break next week, so it will take time before fans see One Piece Chapter 1011. The wait will be surely worth it, though, as it will take everyone back to the battle against Kaido.

It looks like Luffy and Kaido's fight is about to end soon. Though it remains to be seen if it will happen in One Piece Chapter 1011, everyone is yearning to know who will come out as the victor.

It has been Oda's common practice to go for a break before an epic scenario happens in his manga story. So, does it mean the fight between the Yonko and Worst Generation will conclude?

According to BlockToro, Luffy now knows how to use King's Haki in a smaller place. He has been successfully using this technique against Kaido without getting near him.

This is the same move Roger and Whitebeard used when they fought each other. Their sword didn't even make any contact, and this is the very same thing that Luffy used against Kaido on the rooftop.

One Piece Chapter 1010 showed Big Mom's fall after Captain Kid sent him flying away into the sea. She was now out of Onigashima, giving Luffy, Zoro, Kid, and Law the chance to face Kaido alone, OtakuKart News noted.

They now had the upper hand in the fight, but Kaido was confident that he could beat them alone. He effortlessly sent Luffy flying and put his focus on the remaining three.

He then unleashed a decisive blow to free Prometheus from Zoro's hands. Law then used Shamble so that he could take Zoro's position.

He then started to fight Kaido, but the latter managed to free Prometheus, who went after Big Mom to save her. Kid revealed they planned to separate the two Yonkos all along.

However, Prometheus managed to save Big Mom, catching her before she could hit the ground. Zoro then told Law to use the most powerful attack he had against Kaido.

If it didn't work, he would continue from there. Zoro used his most powerful Azura to attack Kaido. The latter was surprised by the move and couldn't help but ask Zoro if he indeed had Haoshuku.

The villain knew the attack would leave a scar on him, but he then unleashed a much powerful attack and hit Law, yelling "Raimei Hakke." Fortunately, Luffy finally recovered from his blow, but Zoro's attack already took its toll on the antagonist as the blood started to come out from his body.

What would happen from here would be seen when One Piece Chapter 1011 drops on Sunday, April 25, per Dual Shockers. Sadly, it would take two weeks before fans could finally see what would occur next.

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