Rosé of BLACKPINK remains at the center of the spotlight following the release of her debut album. With the success of R, fans and followers continue to talk about the K-Pop idol, especially her talents and skills.

But, aside from these things, several individuals, also, discuss how much they admire the singer's beauty and appeal. This is why many people are eager to learn about the top beauty trends and regimens that she follows today.

Pinkvilla released a report, detailing the "On The Ground" singer's "current obsessions" in terms of maintaining and enhancing her beauty. As stated, she has a few apparent beauty trends, which are very suitable for the upcoming summer season.

For the BLACKPINK vocalist, it appears that she prefers the pink and rose hues for her hair and makeup. The publication said that Rosé always chooses pastel colors for her hair color, like lavender and pale pink, which has since, reportedly, become her "trademark look."

The "GONE" singer, also, loves a "fresh and feminine" glam look. Her eyeshadow always proves this as she prefers to wear "uncomplicated" makeup. She chooses neutrals and pinks to complement her dark black wing liner.

The outlet continued that this applies, as well, to her lips. Rosé, reportedly, loves lip colors in mauve, rose, and even red at times.

For her blush, the BLACKPINK member prefers shades of pale pink. As noted, it is the finishing touch to her overall look. At times, though, Rosé would, reportedly, utilize a "single swipe of well-placed eye glitter," as well, to complete the makeup.

Apart from having preferences when it comes to her looks, the K-Pop idol, also, has specific ways to take good care of her skin. A separate report from Pinkvilla claimed that Rosé is "very concerned about the health of her face."

In a previous interview with Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time, the R artist revealed that she places "great importance to cleansing." She explained that, considering how dense her makeup is, she has to remove all of it "thoroughly" at the end of the day.

Rosé's cleansing routine, reportedly, has two parts. She first cleanses her face with an oil cleanser and follows it up with a face wash. Afterward, she uses the IOPE's serum, which helps moisturize and detox her skin.

Included, also, in her skincare routine is the regular application of sunscreen, as well as eating healthy foods. Furthermore, the BLACKPINK vocalist only uses certain products that she knows well.