To say that BTS is a famous K-Pop group is an understatement. As it happens, they are one of the most influential all-male bands in the world. Despite already reaching the top of the charts in almost every music release, they are still continuing to extend the line of success in the entertainment industry.

Aside from topping lists and shattering records, the members have, also, become a name in retail. It seems that they follow through in every product they endorse as the public always comes after the merchandise.

This dynamic is quite shocking already. But, it does not seemingly stop there as just recently, a photocard of Jungkook sold at a whopping $2,600. It is worth noting that most official K-Pop card sets originally cost around $1 to $10.

AllKpop said that a reseller recently opened a rare FLO photocard of Jungkook for biddings on Twitter. The BTS member's official image shows him in his iconic blue hair with a blue hairclip tying up his bangs while doing a peace sign.

Amid the short event, the reseller even released an update, stating that the price already went up to PHP 80,000 (over $1,640). At the end of the auction, which lasted for a couple of hours, the photocard in question was sold at PHP 130,000 or a little higher than $2,600.

The publication said that this always happens to Jungkook's photocards. But, despite the hefty prices, they are the ones that usually sell out the first.

As noted, this is one of the very reasons why the public deems the BTS maknae as the "Sold Out King." Even if he does not endorse the items, fans and followers across the globe still purchase them after seeing him wearing or using the merchandise.

In 2020 alone, Jungkook was the reason why many products from various labels immediately sold out. Koreaboo listed some of them, of which brands include Prada, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton.

Almost everything he wears and uses from a brand quickly sells out after the public sees it from him on engagements and interviews. There was even a time last year when lip balms from the KATE CC LIP Cream collection went out of stock.

This happened after ARMYs saw a makeup artist used a product from the said set. Many eagle-eyed viewers immediately tracked down and purchased the item.

A similar event happened earlier in January when BangtanTV released a new "Bangtan Bomb" video of Jin and Jungkook making fun of each other. They vandalized each other's personal items, causing the public to see the BTS maknae's BT21 Cooky toiletry bag and perfume pouch.

It was not, reportedly, long when ARMYs identified every single item inside the bag and pouch. Immediately after the premiere of the video, the perfumes sold out in hours on the brands' official websites.