The K-Pop industry continues to flourish in recent years. As the rest of the world remains invested in what the South Korean entertainment can offer, the demand and supply persist to increase as time passes by.

While numerous acts from the industry have met massive global successes these past few years, not all groups and solo artists have reached equal or even similar milestones as others. AllKpop said that there are tons of "underrated" artists that debuted last year, and released a run-down, revealing which acts they are.

The publication said that Bling Bling is one of the "overlooked" K-Pop groups that debuted in 2020. The all-female band released their first track, "G.G.B" last November. They are from Major9 Entertainment that houses a total of six members.

Months earlier, Byulzzi is another South Korean act that officially joined the industry. The three-member group debuted on August 23, with their "trot" single, "Bbibbo Bbibbo."

During the same month, all-male band On Air, also, released their first music production. They are a three-member group, as well, whose idols all came from different now-disbanded acts.

Aside from K-Pop groups, several solo artists, also, joined the industry officially in 2020. The same publication included Demian, who debuted more than a year ago, in the list of the "underrated" South Korean acts of the year.

He dropped his debut track, "Cassette," which is, reportedly, perfect for "retro lovers." While the official music video is "aesthetically pleasing," the song itself is said to be sad and bitter.

Another artist on the list is Youha. She made her solo debut last September with the track, "Island."

The outlet continued that Yohan, a first placer in Produce X 101, is one of the artists who appear to be "overlooked" by the public after debuting last August. He dropped his first single, "No More," which served as his first music project after winning the reality competition show.

Although the list is quite long, it is not seemingly surprising that some K-Pop groups and idols are deemed "underrated" even after their respective debuts. As noted, the number of "introductions" released and executed per year is always massive.

K-Pop Database reported that in 2020 alone, over 44 bands made their debuts in the industry. This does not even include the solo artists, as well as the subunits of some groups.

The trend this year will likely have a similar dynamic, considering that more than 20 K-Pop acts have already hinted and confirmed their debuts for 2021, according to Kpop Map. It is worth noting that the year has not even reached half of its course. Accordingly, many are expecting that the number of debuts will continue to rise in the next few months.