DOTA: Dragon's Blood dropped its pilot installment on Netflix earlier in March. Many people immediately binge-watched the eight-episode season, leading them to wonder whether there will be another installment to the franchise.

While waiting for further announcements, Netflix seemingly provided the public a fun way to enjoy the series. On Friday, they released a "drinking game" in relation to the series, according to Comic Book.

The platform's official Twitter account posted a compilation of the times when Dragon Knight Davion takes off his garments on the animated series. As explained, the viewers "might not make it to the last episode" if they take a shot every time Davion does this on DOTA: Dragon's Blood.

Many netizens appeared to have agreed to the assertion, causing some of them to create their own drinking game. On the comment section of the post, one netizen suggested that the viewers should, also, take a sip if "anyone is drinking" on the series or "Marci does something cool." Several Twitter users found it all funny because these things are all apparent in the course of the show. 

Meanwhile, numerous individuals, who have already finished watching all eight episodes, continued to discuss the potential second season. On the same platform, many of them asked the page about the renewal and premiere of "Book 2."

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to release any information about DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 2. What's On Netflix speculated that if the streaming giant renews the series, the announcement might come as a surprise, considering that they did the same to the pilot season. Accordingly, it is expected that it may take some time before Netflix and Valve drops news about the material's future movements.

Despite this, though, the publication asserted that Season 2 will likely arrive in 2022. This comes after the assumption that Netflix gave the production a green light to continue working on the anime series.

As the speculations continue to emerge, a separate report from Comic Book theorized that DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 2 will likely happen because of how the pilot installment ended. As claimed, the last few episodes of Season 1 have set up the course for a new plot.

The same report explained that it concluded with several "key characters" still on the rise to undo the Invoker's scheme. Aside from this dynamic, it is, also, reportedly, possible that the antagonist's mission has yet to reach its end. This comes after the Invoker has yet to complete his dragon soul collection for Terrorblade.

All in all, though, these are only mere speculations as to what may happen in the next season. But, until Netflix announces the renewal, fans and viewers will have to wait, and in doing so, they may want to try the drinking game, while rewatching DOTA: Dragon's Blood.