Kate Middleton has taken her two school kids out shopping in Kings Road in London so they could learn about money and spending wisely. Prince George and Princess Charlotte were apparently given their own budget to pay for their purchase at a shop.

According to the shop owner, who tweeted about the Duchess of Cambridge and her children's visit, George and Charlotte were just like normal kids. While she wasn't personally there, however, her staff relayed to her that they paid for their own purchase as their mother was trying to teach them what to do with their money.

It is believed that the kids bought some craft materials at the shop, which they will need for school. The shop owners said that she has always admired Middleton and she's now in more awe of her as she is such a normal parent.

In 2018, when Charlotte was about to start pre-school, Middleton also took her children out shopping for shoes. According to witnesses, the Duchess of Cambridge made the same mistake as any parents when trying on school shoes because she didn't bring them socks and they had to borrow a pair at the store.

It's no secret that Kate Middleton wants her children to experience regular stuff despite their royal background. The duchess herself was raised by a very hands-on mother in Carole Middleton, who also has an influence on her royal grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Middleton was touted as the peacemaker between her husband, Prince William, and brother-in-law, Prince Harry, during their reunion at Prince Philip's funeral. Sources said that the Duchess of Cambridge broke the ice as she engaged Harry in an animated chat after the burial.

When William joined his wife and brother, Middleton stepped back to allow William and Harry to walk and talk together. A source said that behind closed doors, during the family meeting at Harry's home, Frogmore Cottage, Middleton also served as the pacifier among William, Harry and Prince Charles.

Unfortunately, however, insiders said that Harry's family meeting remained unproductive and he didn't have a chance to have a one-on-one with his father, who has traveled to Wales by then. It's unclear if Harry had plans to spend extra time with Kate Middleton and her children before he has to fly back to California. It's been said that Harry adored his nephew and niece but they haven't been spending a lot of time since their uncle got married and had a family of his own.