Prince Harry has a new job title as the Chief Impact Officer of the Silicon Valley start-up BetterUp Inc. But this title's acronym, CHIMPO, sparked some hilarity because of its lewd translation.

According to Daily Mail, the word CHIMPO refers to the male genitalia when translated in Japanese and it's gaining a lot of ridicule from both Japanese and British social media users.

A Japanese website, SoraNews24, has compiled social media posts highlighting Harry's new job title. One person wrote that if the Duke of Sussex were to introduce himself as the CHIMPO among his company's Japanese clientele, he might be met with an awkward response. The commenter said, regardless of the age, the word "always raises a smile" among the Japanese.

BetterUp has global coverage as they provide mental health services and strategies to other firms, especially those working in the tech industry. Prince Harry started his job with the start-up in January but his position was announced in February when the Duke of Sussex confirmed to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, that he has no more plans of becoming a working royal.

Harry shared in a blog post on the company's site that his goal at his new job is to uplift discussions surrounding mental health and build supportive communities that will help the vulnerable. He plans on expanding the BetterUp community and platform, which is used by coaches, leaders, customers and members.

BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaux said that Harry's position in the company is not a PR stunt as the Duke of Sussex will be expected to hold office at the San Francisco site. However, due to the pandemic, Harry is currently working from home.

Apart from his work with BetterUp, Harry is also the founder of Archewell, his foundation with his wife Meghan Markle. They have partnerships with Netflix and Spotify to produce both video and audio content on the entertainment streaming platforms. The Duke of Sussex also receives millions in speaking deals and he has a temporary job as well with the Aspen Institute as one of the 14 commissioners who will come up with solutions for digital misinformation online.

Prince Harry officially resigned from his royal duties as a working royal in March 2020 after nearly four years of service to the monarchy. The Duke of Sussex said that he wanted to go on a different path as his brother, Prince William, and become financially independent from receiving public funds for working royals.