A man from Australia, who has made claims that he is Prince Charles and Camilla's biological son, has another proof of his blood relations to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Simon Dorante-Day, who is now a grandfather at 55 years old, posted on Facebook that his son, Liam, looks strikingly similar to Queen Elizabeth in her 20s. The man said that it was one of his followers who noticed the similarities and shared the photos of Liam and the queen with him. Dorante-Day also said that Liam looks like Prince Charles from some angles.

He was pretty upset to hear about the passing of Prince Philip because it was another lost opportunity for him to prove that the royal family's DNA could live on in his children. Dorante-Day believes that Philip's fingerprints are all over his life and it made him who he is.

The Australian man claimed years ago that his grandmother told him in confidence that he was the son of Charles and Camilla outside of marriage. He alleged that the Duchess of Cornwall took care of him until he was eight months old and then he was sent away so that his birth would remain a secret.

The man believes that one of the queen's former male staff arranged for his new life and had his daughter take him as her own son. He has been searching for his biological parents all his life and claimed that every road he took to uncover his origins always led him to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

In August 2020, Dorante-Day released the letters he wrote his alleged biological parents. He said that these were hand-delivered to Clarence House, the official home of Charles and Camilla, and was received by the royal couple's private secretary. Dorante-Day said he kept the receipt of the letter, which had the date and time of the delivery, as he filed his claims in Australia's High Court.

In the letter, the man told the royals that he has done his own research and investigation, and approached government agencies to confirm his claims. Thus, if they needed the proof as well, they could also verify from the records he has obtained.

Dorante-Day also said it wasn't titles or monetary gain that pushed him to come out but all he wanted was to know his real parents and to get an acknowledgment. Prince Charles and Camilla, however, have never replied to him nor discussed these claims in public.