More challenges are coming for John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) in The Rookie season 3 finale. The current installment of the police procedural drama is coming to an end so it'll bring more surprises and intense actions for the officer, as well as other characters.

In The Rookie season 3 finale, Officer Nolan gets injured, though the wounds he sustained were not life-threatening. The biggest problem, however, is that the aftermath of the injury will have a huge part in the story. This is going to be a major issue not only for him but for the entire department, as well.

According to the synopsis of The Rookie season 3 finale, Officer Nolan sustained minor injuries while chasing down a shoplifter out in the field. But then, the situation goes in a different direction when the local DA demanded to charge the suspect with assault even though Nolan is opposed to the idea.

The shoplifter might be facing heavy charges because of what happened despite Nolan's wish to withdraw. This storyline may further tackle how justice works for some people, something that the police procedural drama has been addressing during the early run of the season.

The DA's demand could lead to public outrage, with most questioning their actions. This is going to be tough for Officer Nolan, given that he's at the center of what happened. The department, on the other hand, must find a way on how to deal with this matter appropriately.

As for what else is coming in The Rookie season 3 finale, Officer Lucy Chen (Melissa O'Neil) will go on an undercover mission, while the wedding venue of Detective Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) is seized by the FBI. Also, Officer Nolan meets his new neighbor.

At the moment, the future of the police procedural drama is still up in the air since ABC hasn't announced whether season 4 will be renewed or canceled. Fans may need to wait for a little while as the announcement is often made a few weeks or months after the season finale.

One more episode is coming before the current installment ends. In episode 13, titled "Triple Duty," Officers Nolan and Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) need to find a way to de-escalate a drug war before any innocent lives are lost. Officer Nyla Harper (Mekia Cox) hopes Officer Chen goes undercover.

The Rookie season 3 finale is titled "Threshold" and it is set to air on Sunday, May 16, on ABC.