Vincenzo has now officially come to an end and Song Joong Ki talks about his time in the series. The show has experienced incredible success, dominating the rating game and becoming the talk of the town.

Vincenzo dropped a triumphant finale on Sunday, May 2. After its cast and crew bid their final goodbyes, Song Joon Ki shared his experience while filming the series.

The 35-year-old actor admitted that he felt pressured to do his role as an Italian lawyer and Mafia consigliere. Thankfully, he felt at ease when he started working with the Geumga Plaza people, resulting in a strong bond among its tenants.

According to Soompi, Song Hye Kyo's former husband assumed it might be safe to say that they all had fun filming together. He revealed their company staff and other young staff members would update them about the scenes that turned to be much talked about every time an episode aired.

From here, Song Joong Ki would feel Vincenzo was taking the new heights. Elsewhere, the actor also discussed the ending, admitting people were divided if the show had brutally punished its villains.

The K-drama idol believed it wasn't cruel at all, thinking they needed to go stronger on the antagonists after what they'd done. He continued that the "heinous people" like them should receive their punishments for committing evil deeds.

So, it was no surprise that Vincenzo finale attained the highest viewership rating during its entire run, CNA Lifestyle noted. Based on Nielsen Korea, the final episode got an average nationwide rating of 14. 6% and a peak of 16.2%, dominating all the shows across all channels, even the news.

This success doesn't just give the show a new personal record but also makes it the sixth-highest rating drama in tvN history. It successfully outmatched Crash Landing on You, Goblin, Reply 1988 and Mr. Sunshine and Mr. Queen.


Meanwhile, as it has now come to an end, Song Joong Ki is grateful for the huge support he and the rest of the cast and crew received, per GMA Network. He releases a thank you note on Instagram, along with a black-and-white photo of him from the Vincenzo set.

He was in character as Vincenzo as he seemed to cherish the last days of filming. "We sincerely thank everyone who loved the drama," he wrote as a caption.

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