Emilico will try to redeem herself in Shadows House Episode 5, titled "The Debut." Her failure to master her performance in the Debut ceremony will take its toll on her and affect her presentation.

Emilico hasn't had the time to prepare for the upcoming Debut ceremony due to her night duties. She doesn't even get the chance to hold a discussion with Kate or work on their compatibility.

According to Epic Dope, the new episode's title hints at what will happen at the much-awaited Debut ceremony, which will mark the Shadow members' adulthood. This will also put their compatibility on a test with their Living Dolls.

In Episode 3's post-credits scene, Edward started preparing for this big event. He wanted the Lord Grandfather to notice his ability and hoped he would be promoted to the third floor.

Emilico, Lou, Rum, Shaun, and Ricky are the most common names that will be part of the ceremony's candidates. Here, Kate will have a serious talk with Emilico about her failures for the last few days.

Now, she has to catch up with the loss in Shadows House Episode 5 before it is too late. Can she manage to deal with it before the ceremony begins?

In addition, Dekh News noted fans are about to see Barbie pulling up a little girl with her hair. She will then charge at her, resulting in "phantom violence."

Emilico will try to stop her, but Rosemary holds her. Though she understands that this thing happens in Shadows House, especially with the bully Barbie around, she wants to end the Living Doll's mockery.

However, another guy will arrive and this black-haired boy will give Emilico a hard time in Shadows House Episode 5. Will she manage to survive?

In Shadows House Episode 4, Barbie claimed that Rosemary's team left their cleaning duties. She then learned that their newest member, Emilico, was still under training, OtakuKart News noted.

Though Barbie said she understood, she kicked the girls below the belt. She then mocked Rosemary's team, calling them a group of losers.

Emilico came to the rescue and helped the girls to recover. She then fired back at Barbie and told her she was mean.

Her bravery surprised everyone, making everyone wonder who this girl was. Barbie returned to face Emilico and others were afraid of what she might do to Emilico. She then scolded and teased Emilico and she who was only trying to shine in front of others.

What happens from here will be seen when Shadows Housing Episode 5 drops on Sunday, May 9 at 12:30 a.m. Japan Standard Time on AnimeLab and Funimation.

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