Meghan Markle used to urge Prince Harry to have a better relationship with his father, Prince Charles, as he is the only parent he has left in his life.

According to royal commentator Camilla Tominey, Markle had encouraged her husband to keep a close bond with his father and she was also close to Charles when she became part of the royal family. In fact, it was Charles who walked Markle down the aisle for her wedding to Harry in 2018 when her own father couldn't come to her wedding.

Thus, during BBC documentary interview with 2017, when Harry and Markle have been dating for months, the Duke of Sussex fondly talked about Charles and said that his father looked after and protected him and his brother, Prince William after they lost their mother, Princess Diana. Meghan Markle was also used to be close to the Prince of Wales, who liked the former TV actress because of her interest in the arts and British history. According to reports, Charles also admired Markle's strength and work ethic, as an American who is used to taking care of herself.

However, in the few years that Markle lived in Kensington Palace, surrounded by the royal courtiers and staff, the relationship between father and son became strained. Harry confirmed that he needs to work out his issues with Charles after saying on national television that he is disappointed in his father for pulling out financial support to Harry and Meghan Markle.

Markle, on the other hand, revealed details of her loneliness inside the palace walls. The British public saw that interview as Harry and Markle dissing their royal privilege and the royal family.

Now, sources have said that Charles may never forgive Harry for that interview stunt. The Prince of Wales has been stubborn about mending his ties with Harry and has likely snubbed Markle in a recent social media post.

Meanwhile, Markle has received some criticisms after announcing her upcoming children's book about the relationships of fathers to their children. Royal biographer Angela Levin said the book's theme shows the hypocrisy of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex because they do not have good relationships with their fathers.

Levin pointed out that Markle herself hasn't spoken to her dad for years as they had a falling out before her royal wedding. Piers Morgan, another Meghan Markle critic, also called out the duchess for exploiting her royal title with the release of this children's book.