A concerning number of people from Britain have apparently been searching Google for answers as to why Prince Charles has "sausage fingers."

Reports revealed that for the last 12 months, search engines in the United Kingdom have been riddled with questions about the Prince of Wales' health. His sausage fingers is the 20th most popular question among internet users in the country.

It's not uncommon to see Prince Charles in public with red and swollen fingers, especially after a long flight. The future king is very aware of this condition and once even joked about it on a trip to Australia in 2012.

According to the experts, Charles may likely be experiencing dactylitis, or the inflammation of the fingers and toes, from sitting too long on long flights. While Clarence House has not made official statements about his condition, others speculated that the future king also suffers from psoriatic arthritis that may be common among older people. Charles is already 72 years old.

In 2018, Charles was photographed with very dry and cracked palms as he waved to the public during a royal engagement. His hands looked quite red and very chapped but he continued with his work as he greeted and talked to the people.

According to reports, the winter temperature in the U.K. could have impacted Charles's skin condition. It's also worth noting that the Prince of Wales likes to get his hands dirty since he is a gardener.

For the most part, however, the Prince of Wales seems to be a healthy but aging man especially after he breezed through a coronavirus infection in early April 2020. While other people were struggling to breathe due to COVID-19, Charles, in his early 70s, had mild symptoms only and was out and about after a week of isolation.

According to Prince William, it was challenging for his father to be in isolation because Charles' favorite activity is to walk and walk. His wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, also said that Charles can still outwalk anyone because it's what he does every day to keep his body and mind fit.

In a 2013 interview, Prince Charles said that walking helps him clear his head and stimulates his mind, aside from giving his body and lungs a good workout. However, months after his COVID-19 diagnosis last year, the Prince of Wales said that he felt the after-effects, such as having a bland taste in the mouth for food. He feels fortunate, however, that he didn't suffer from horrible symptoms.