K-Pop idols underwent extreme training before debuting as a group. They spent years honing their talents and skills, as well as improving in all aspects, including even their visuals.

It is no longer a secret that trainees and idols have specific diet plans to lose and maintain their weight. This is why it is not surprising that most of them have followed unhealthy and extreme programs to achieve the standard body frame and figure.

What is shocking, though, are the lengths that agencies and labels have gone through to push their trainees. Koreaboo reported that some of these individuals exposed these "ways," with some admitting that it affected their overall health.

A reportedly verified former trainee of SM Entertainment previously revealed that the company has a "very strict diet regime in place" for their future artists. While following these rules are enforced, the trainees voluntarily submit themselves to it to increase their chances of debuting.

The unnamed person, then, claimed that the label sends them "controlled food portions" every day. No desserts or junk food are allowed, adding that they never had a chance to consult a dietician or a nutritionist.

Rationed meals are seemingly usual for K-Pop trainees. In one of her previous interviews, Euodias, who used to train to become an idol, stated that their label forced them to lose weight by rationing their foods.

She said that the company "mandated" everyone to have no more than 47 kg of weight, regardless of their age and height. If a trainee exceeds the weight limit, the agency would leave them with nothing but water.

Other trainees from different K-Pop labels, also, shared various experiences of extreme weight loss programs that they experienced in the past. Some companies would, reportedly, force trainees to take diet pills even those as young as 14-years-old. Alongside the pills, there are, also, allegedly injections and electrocution procedures to help them lose weight.

Meanwhile, other agencies do not directly enforce anything on their trainees when it comes to their weight. They instead terminate the contracts if they do not achieve the standard weight imposed on them.

The training process to become a K-Pop star is challenging and daunting. But, even after debuting, some of these extreme weight loss measures continue to happen for several idols.

AllKpop previously released a list of some South Korean artists who have followed strict and shocking diet programs. Most of their diets typically include eating one meal per day, taking less than 500 calories, and even skipping meals for a day or two.