ITZY is becoming increasingly popular these days in the global music space. After celebrating their second debut anniversary, they officially made a comeback on April 30 with their latest EP record, Guess Who.

The five members are now focusing on promoting their six-track collection. They have already completed numerous engagements and interviews in the last few days.

Koreaboo reported that in one of those talks, the K-Pop idols revealed their beauty and skincare secrets before their audience. This took place during their sit-down interview with Seventeen as they answered questions for the "17 Questions" segment.

When asked about their "skincare secrets," Chaeryeong was the first to respond, saying that she "does not do anything" towards her skin. Even so, she stated that she changes her pillowcases often as they "harbor bacteria" that may cause skin issues and concerns.

ITZY leader Yeji, then, shared her usual beauty hobby, noting that she uses a lot of lip balm. Lia immediately responded as she uses the same product, as well.

But, instead of an ordinary lip balm, she revealed that it is a "mult-balm." She explained that it is like a "multi-balm," which she applies everywhere. These include her eyes, nose, and all other parts of her face.

As for ITZY maknae Yuna, she pointed out that all she does is take good care of her "precious" eyelashes. Although she did not share the details, she said that she uses an "eyelash care" product to boost the strength and increase the length of her lashes.

Meanwhile, Ryujin revealed that she is "lazy" to do skincare routines. Her secret, though, lies significantly on hydration by drinking "enough water."

Earlier this year, the five members of ITZY, also, talked about their thoughts on beauty and skincare as K-Pop idols. Many of them did not seemingly pay too much attention to their skin, particularly before their debut.

But, this changed when they entered the industry because they had to wear and put on lots of make-up products. Yeji and Lia told Allure that they started to do their skincare regimens because of their sensitive skin.

Fans and followers can expect to learn more about the members of ITZY in the next few weeks. It is likely that more interviews and engagements will emerge following the success of their comeback.

Soompi reported that the K-Pop group has been reaching new heights since the release of Guess Who. They recently broke their own record after selling more than 200,000 album copies during the first week.