The members of BTS have come a long way since their trainee days. After debuting in 2013, their fame and success continue to skyrocket, reaching even outside South Korea. Today, they are now one of the most successful and popular all-male bands in the world.

As they continue to reach new heights in the worlds of music and K-Pop, Koreaboo unearthed a moment V and Jin shared after they first performed in front of a crowd. They had "mixed" emotions and reactions, and both of them even revealed how their experience made them almost cry.

In one of their old live streams, the two BTS members talked about the matter, with V initiating the conversation. He confessed to feeling "nervous" during their first "No More Dream" act, adding that his body shook during the performance.

The "Sweet Night" singer noted, however, that he felt "good" after seeing himself dance and sing on stage. Things got even better for him when he witnessed all the fans who cheered for them.

Jin echoed his co-member's assertions, noting that he felt "moved" when the audience cheered their chant. He, then, claimed that he "nearly cried, but did not" because he is the eldest.

Conversely, V shared that he cried "one tear" after the successful debut. He reasoned out, though, that he allowed himself to cry because he is one of the youngest members.

The rest of the BTS, also, had similar emotions toward their first public performance. They all shared their experiences in the same broadcast, recalling the fulfilling moment in 2013.

It was not always easy for the members as they had been through a lot, especially during their trainee days. Many fans and followers have witnessed these things over the years, and do not shy away from re-telling the group's success stories on various online forum platforms.

StyleCaster previously reported that V and Jin had no plans of becoming K-Pop idols. They are even some of the members who got into training under Big Hit Entertainment in a much later period.

As stated, V had no intentions of auditioning at first. He only accompanied a friend of his during the audition day.

A staff member from the agency, however, saw him that day and encouraged him to audition. After doing so, he was the only one who passed that day and entered the training process.

As for Jin, he wanted to become an actor, considering that he had no background in singing and dancing. He was first scouted by SM Entertainment but, he never followed up with the agency after thinking that it was a scam.

Big Hit Entertainment, later on, scouted him during his college years. Although he first auditioned to become an actor, the label placed him in training to become a member of BTS.