Prince William and Prince Harry will deliver separate speeches during the unveiling of their mother's statue in Kensington Palace despite earlier plans that they will have a joint statement.

Reports have revealed that the brothers are insisting that they will each go up the stage to make their personal address. Prince William and Harry will prepare their own messages, with insiders implying that they refused to be a united front for the special event dedicated to Princess Diana.

Royal journalist Tom Bradby, who has been friends with the brothers for more than a decade, also shared that William and Harry have been arguing over the past year and a half. Their relationship has apparently descended to a difficult level despite what the public saw during their grandfather's funeral in April.

Prior to Prince Philip's death, however, reports also came to light that William cut his friendship with Bradby who has sided with Harry in the brothers' feud. According to reports, William no longer trusted the journalist, who was once his confidante.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe believes that William and Harry will still have a long way to go to mend their broken relationship. However, insiders have confirmed that they are indeed back on speaking terms and had a "heart-to-heart" talk when Harry briefly returned home in the U.K. during their grandfather's funeral.

However, Larcombe relayed that some senior palace officials still think that "a great deal of water" will have to go under the bridge for William and Harry to be completely OK with each other again. Their latest rift alighted from Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey, where he dissed the monarchy and the institution.

Harry said that his brother remains trapped in his role in the royal family as the second in line to the throne. That statement apparently sent William reeling as he has completely accepted his duty just like their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

Sources also said that Prince William can no longer trust to speak to Harry without doubting if their conversations will be leaked to U.S. journalists. Following their talk after the interview with Winfrey, CBS host Gayle King revealed that Harry's conversations with William and Prince Charles were not productive.

Meanwhile, details of the event for Princess Diana, scheduled for July 2021, have not yet been ironed out. While Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, will definitely be there since it will be held in Kensington Palace, it's still unclear if Harry will arrive with his wife, Meghan Markle.